[D] Pallyst aD posted May 16, 14


Welcome to Ares International Security (AIS) Corporation. A versatile private security company with corporate offices throughout the Mediterranean, Central Europe and Southwest Asia.

We are an ARMA III tactical realism unit that emphasizes teamwork, technical and tactical proficiency and a realistic contemporary operating environment. Most importantly AIS is designed to foster a friendly atmosphere between members and leadership.

Here, we do not simply expect our employees to shut up and follow orders. We ask for, and encourage your full participation in order to make Ares International Security everyone’s company. 

We also have our own mod pack, including over a dozen exclusive camo uniform with zap tag. And we might be the only clan with a in house weapons mod that has real life muzzle velocity for every guns. Including a M24A3 Lapua, and it rocks with modded SOS optics to have incremental of 25m instead of 100, precise all the way to 2000m.